Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New to blogger!

Just joined Blogger today! Hope some time in the future I can really get this blog started.

This blog will mostly contain everything internet, computer, or vidya related. So, I guess the first topic will be..

League of Legends

Me and my bros have been playing this game for a while after I found it on a popular forum. I have to admit, it is VERY fun, and is a great way to burn an hour. Best of all... free to play. Of course, there is a way you can feed them your money. For skins and 'bundle' packs, you can buy 'riot points'. Riot points can purchase characters, or 'champions' as well. My description probably isn't the best, so just Google it if you want more. Or, better yet, download the game for yourself!

As starter characters, I suggest Ashe. She is very easy to play and newbie friendly. Of course, sometimes she isn't in the free to play rotation. Again, if you want to find out more just visit the website.


  1. Welcome to the world of the blog :D
    Also, League of Legends is an awesome game, haven't paid a penny for it yet and I've got nearly 100 hours out of it.

  2. Good luck to you buddy! I'll be following and supporting!

  3. I agree with Kitari here. Though Ashe is not a good starter char. Ryze and Nunu are better choices IMO.