Thursday, February 3, 2011

League of Legends- My top characters

Another day, another post. So again, the theme of "League of Legends" is back again today. Today I will be posting two characters which I feel should get special recognition.

The first character I am 'reviewing' is AKALI . Akali, in my opinion, is an assassin/bruiser. She goes in for quick strikes, and can follow them off with more attacks, which most of the time finish off the enemy. Best of all, her ultimate has little to no cooldown. And, oh boy, don't even get me started on the skin Nurse Akali. HOT!!! The only downside to this great champion is the price, which is 3150. Now, that isn't exactly "new player" friendly, however, in the event that Akali is ever in the FTP (Free to play) rotation, you should definitely give her a go.

And, onto the next champion, the sad mummy, give it up for AMUMU  . Amumu is definitely one of the best tanks, if not the best. The build that I follow for Amumu is called Amumu: the Misunderstood Mummy. This can be found on Mobafire. Let me tell you, Amumu's ultimate is GREAT in team battles, or taking down a tough enemy. It stuns the enemy for 2 seconds, which allows your teammates to dash out all of the attacks they have to take them down.

Well, that's it for all. I'm going back to playing LoL.


  1. i never heard of league of legends. what's it about?

  2. @Justaguy,
    It's pretty much, you choose from a variety or characters, and use their special skills to try and push into the enemies base and destroy their nexus. It's a lot of fun!

  3. never played it before, but sounds like it could be fun

  4. wow , i think i played with you once LoL ^_^ really interested in build for champs if you will post suchs things :D