Sunday, July 10, 2011


Wow. Who drew that amazing drawing? Well, I did. That's right. You can draw and edit images that look professional using an online website,

Thursday, June 30, 2011

HostGator Hosting

So, just recently I decided to host a website using HostGator. Many reviews stated that the customer support is second to none, and the pricing is very affordable. Well, I have to say, the customer support is amazing. You can either call, email, or have a live chat session. You get the answer you need within seconds. When I went to the live chat, they picked up instantly. There was no delay. The hosting is nothing special, fast, it works. Good cPanel, and Fantastico de Luxe. I think what really makes this provider stand out is the customer service they provide. Over 600 live chat employees! Yes, real people! Anyways, I am very happy with my choice. If you are looking to host a website, and need the best bang for your buck, go with HostGator.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Since I have nothing of value to post, I am going to dump some random informational pictures I have collected from a couple of days of browsing. Enjoy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

More The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

So, I have been playing more Oblivion, messing around and exploring. So, bored, I wandered into what I believed was a mineshaft. There were traps and skeletons everywhere. But, to my surprise, as I wandered further into it, I found a tomb. So, being the ignorant idiot I am, decided to steal everything from the tomb. And then, out of no where, a ghost appeared! Fun!

That is me hiding behind a pillar scared shitless of the ghost. It didn't attack me at first, so I assumed it was a friendly ghost, but my assumption was wrong. As soon as I went an inch further, it started attacking me. So I ran out of there with my brand new robes. As I went on my way to Kvatch, I  found some type of huge rune stone. It gave me the option to request magical weapons and armour  (or something like that), and to my surprise, it gave a demon sword with some type of demon armour.

Picture super related. And I got it for free. Pretty cool. Anyways, can someone tell me what it is and anything special about it?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion... hell yeah. Just started this game about an hour ago, and so far, I have to say, it is awesome. I'm still in the first area (jail), and have died once already. The first zombie was actually quite frightening, considering I was focusing on killing a rat and all of a sudden I am greeted by a rotting face :(

Anyways, the HUD, I guess you could call it, is a bit messy, and the fact that it only has two slots (one weapon, one spell) is a bit weird to get used to. But, I have to say, so far, it's really fun. It has great physics, a good combat system (not too complicated, yet not too simple), and an intriguing storyline from what I can tell. I'll probably play more later the next day. I 100% suggest 'purchasing' this game. It's very much worth it :)

P.S - My character is some lizard type that can breathe underwater.


You know grinds my gears?
You know what rustles my jimmies?
You know what's my pet peeve?
You know what prevents me from being a happy camper?
I'll tell you what.

People who don't call out MIA in League of Legends. In case you didn't know, MIA stands for Missing In Action, which pretty much means a champion is missing, and more than likely is going for a gank on another teammate. So... what happens when you don't call out MIA? I'm just sitting there, happily killing minions, when all of a sudden a three man gang-bang starts circle jerking around me and nukes me. I mean, come on! That just really makes me mad. Another one, when a teammate is sitting there with full health, watching you get killed by an enemy 3 levels lower. That just really sets me off.

Anyways, I've been playing Lux lately, a FTP champion in the rotation, and I have to say, if you can get those skill shots, she is pretty good. Especially her ultimate, which can rape people across the map. It is awesome. Oh, and here comes another complaint. The servers. They are going down A LOT. The client is glitchy, for example, a few days ago, I couldn't connect to the chat. A day later, a friend couldn't connect either. A day later, another chat that won't connect. Anyways, I am excited about the next rotation, which is SURE to have Karma. Speaking of which, my opinions on Karma; she is only OP (over powered) is the person using her is good. Otherwise, she is useless.

Okay, that's all for now, thanks for reading. But, before I go, what champion are you hoping to see in the next rotation, and why?

EDIT: I am starting to play Oblivion IV: Elder Scrolls, or something like that. Wish me luck!